TBC Consoles

TBC Consoles finds the optimal interface between people and technology. They are world-class technical furniture designers, manufacturers, and installers. They adapt their control room and workstation solutions to meet the needs of the latest technology with consideration for operator ergonomics ensuring compliance with occupational work, health and safety. “Our focus is building consoles, from single operator desks to sophisticated control rooms; we provide the products and the expertise to create ergonomically correct and organized workspaces that lead to greater efficiency, productivity and personal performance.” Founded in 1988, TBC Consoles began with a specialty in broadcast and video production consoles including command centres, network operation centres and process control rooms. They continue that commitment today with expertise in all types of control room technical furniture including broadcast consoles, process control facilities, utilities, public safety, government, transportation, dispatch, IT, and more. They also supply a wide variety of monitor arms and a number of other accessories specialized by their engineers and designers.

SmartTrack V2

SmartTrac V2 technical furniture provides an enhanced ability to gang individual workstation components to form complete Master Control and Production Control consoles for broadcast furniture. These configurations have also been used successfully in a variety of other industries including Security, Process Control, Dispatch, Power Utilities, Command and Control, Network Operation Centers and Transportation. There is virtually no application that SmartTrac cannot handle at a cost that is significantly reduced from other standard “full body” console systems.

Trackwall v2

TracWall is the best system for creating flat panels monitor walls. Any combination of monitors or components such as speakers, UMD’s and clocks may be incorporated. Units may be free standing, wall mounted or include base cabinets. TracWall provides an adjustable, adaptable, upgradeable system designed to give you perfect sightlines – everytime.


TBC’s medical line is built for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other medical offices who are transitioning into Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) technology. They are height adjustable and customizable, allowing for the user to be situated in an ergonomically correct and comfortable manner. TBC offers a wide variety of height adjustable and configurable trac-based consoles, wall stations and durable mobile carts built specifically for the medical industry. TBC’s medical products can be used in radiology reading rooms, patient treating rooms, operating theatres, mobile workstations, and more. Countertops are easily customized and available in a number of finishes including laminate, linoleum, and solid surface with a variety of edge treatments.


TBC’s definitive technical furniture system sets new standards for modularity, ergonomics, and high end aesthetics. Initially designed for Video Production and Broadcast applications, IntelliTrac finds itself equally at home in a growing number of industries including Security, Process Control, Control Room ConsolesPower Utilities, Command and Control, Network Operation Centers and Transportation. IntelliTrac’s unique off-the-floor design allows unprecedented leg room while increasing ventilation through the body of the console. Front and rear device ‘Tracs’ allow unlimited lateral positioning of critical monitors.

TBC Consoles Accessories

Monitor Arms and Mounts Selecting the right monitor arm and monitor mount for your technical furniture is extremely important to ensure optimal ergonomics while allowing for full functionality. Along with other differences, monitor size and reach are important factors to consider

Tablet and Laptop Arms

TBC Consoles can provide articulating arms for any tablet device or laptop. The FP-iLift, which is specifically configured for the iPad, iPad 2, or the new iPad with Retina display. The FP-TBLK provides flexible mounting for any tablet using a magnate and an optional adapter kit that allow mounting of the arm onto the Vesa adapter for placement above, below, or to the side of monitors. Alternative mounting options for laptops and other tablet devices are available.

Device Holders and Equipment Shelves

CPU holders are specially designed to work with our technical furniture and nearly any computer. The ST-CPU and ST-CPU-N are adjustable width supports for CPUs that can be mounted on either leg on our SmartTrac Consoles. The IT-PO-SHELF is a pull-out shelf specially designed for our IntelliTrac and ControlTrac Consoles which have CPUs located in the base of the consoles. Other options for CPU storage, such as under countertop hanging units and CPU cabinets are available as custom solutions for your project.

Cup Holder

Our retractable cup holders are specially engineered by TBC from high quality steel components. They are available in silver powder coat finish and feature a low profile design with a bottom strap for support. The cup holder will not encroach on under-counter leg space.

Keyboard Pull-out Tray

Keyboard pull-out trays offer a great way to get the keyboard off the desk and optimal ergonomics with an adjustable shelf-angle. The keyboard pull-out tray comes with special cable-management fixtures, a mouse pad, and the gel palm rest. This accessory is used predominantly in our SmartTrac series consoles.

Turrets and Dropwells

Turrets and dropwells are just some of the accessories that can be placed in Console rack openings. Each are customized to the size of your equipment, built with either aluminum or HDPE depending on the size and type. Rack turrets are engineered with front rack rail to comfortably house rack-mounted equipment. TBC also manufactures free-standing turrets which raise equipment off any flat surface.