Guntermann & Drunck

For more than 30 years, G&D (Guntermann & Drunck) have been a leading manufacturer of digital and analogue high-end KVM extenders, KVM switches and KVM matrix switches. G&D’s KVM solutions are the result of continuous product development focused on customer satisfaction, reliability, high quality and great functionality. G&D’s KVM Solutions are used globally in mission critical monitoring situations, from Air Traffic Control, Traffic Management (road and marine), and Railways to Emergency Services and Utilities. The G&D KVM Matrix systems use several methods to achieve high availability. Redundant power supplies, access protection, failover protection, redundant storage of configuration data and built in resilience against cyber attacks to name a few.

Cross-Display switching

With the innovative CrossDisplay-Switching users can use the mouse across the screens to easily switch between channels. It is available for our digital matrix systems ControlCenter-Digital and DVICenter aswell as all versions of the TradeSwitch-USB.

Matrix Grid

The matrix grid establishes a bidirectional communication between individual matrix switches. Now systems can be interconnected even more directly to facilitate larger installations.

Scenario switching

Scenario switching lets you store the switching condition of one or multiple workplaces or even of the entire system. The selected switching states can be accessed and executed via the OSD of the workplaces.

Monitoring & SNMP

System status of G&D products and connected peripherals can be monitored with our monitoring and SNMP functions.