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ABC and SBS move to DVB-S2X for Nation-wide distribution of transmission services

Trailblazers ABC and SBS have adopted DVB-S2 Extended capabilities for their satellite distribution services to remote transmission sites around Australia. By doing so, each broadcaster will free up a transponder on the Optus D1 satellite resulting in considerable cost savings for the public broadcasters.

The Extended capabilities of the DVB-S2 standard allows for multiple (ISI) streams to be carried on the one transponder. This means that both SBS and ABC can carry all the regions across Australia on the one satellite transponder.

Broadcast Australia have undertaken a multi million dollar upgrade of their satellite receivers around the 300+ transmission sites across Australia.

After extensive evaluations, Broadcast Australia decided on the Evertz modular solution which includes the 7801 frame and controller, the new 7882DM2-LB4-CA2-ASI satellite demodulator (receiver) cards and other ASI switching and ASI distribution amplifier cards.

Broadcast Australia are able to utilise their Dataminer NMS to monitor all the relevant card parameters across their IP network.

Referencing a comprehensive configuration file devised by Broadcast Australia Engineers, Evertz customised each receiver card with all parameters for the various locations around Australia. This included 57 remotely triggered presets for the previous DVB-S1 services and the new DVB-S2X services. This allowed Broadcast Australia Engineers the ability to changeover during scheduled outage times.

Each frame is accessed via IP and, through the controller card, the receiver card’s web GUI allows for any parameter to be changed or a preset selected for that particular region’s service.

Throughout the project Studiotech Australia has been the interface between the Evertz factory and Broadcast Australia. Every Evertz frame underwent a strict QA procedure where each unit was tested using an actual off-satellite signal for both DVB-S1 and the test DVB-S2X signals at the Studiotech Australia facility in Sydney.

Working closely with the Broadcast Australia project team, Studiotech Australia Engineers and logistics made sure that all milestones were met and any issues along the way resolved in a timely manner.

“This has been a great testament to our extensive resources and capabilities in delivering the 370 + units to Broadcast Australia for a project of this scale” Said Paul Maroni, Sales Manager at Studiotech Australia.